Taffy has announced that Allan has joined Al Wahda on a two-year contract

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Everton release Samba midfielder Allan Moved to Al Wahda in the United Arab Emirates League. official with a two year contract Behind the players there is no room in the starting position

Everton, the English Premier League team, have confirmed Brazilian midfielder Allan . Moved to join the army  , Al Wahda, a club in the United Arab Emirates. It’s official without disclosing the money After not in the team’s plans for Frank Lampard, a good trainer. Until I have not been given the opportunity to enter the field in this new season.

Taffy has announced that Allan has joined Al Wahda on a two-year contract

blue toffee Managed to strengthen the midfield by signing Amadou Onana and Idrissa Gay in the past summer. That means the 31-year-old has to look for a new club to play in. At this time, the UAE league has not closed the player market. The trading deadline will be until Tuesday, October 4, so the team can be moved.

A statement from the Merseyside club said: “Everton would like to thank Allan for his recent appearances for the UFABET club and I wish him all the best in the future.” 

Al Wahda, who is headed by Portuguese coach Carlos Carvaljal, also announced the signing of the star player. The club have signed Everton midfielder Allan on a permanent basis for two years. And believe that will come to strengthen the team to succeed in the end

For Allan moved from Napoli to Goodison Park for a fee of 21.7 million pounds, or about 895 million baht in 2020 and was the main character during the Italian boss Carlo Ancelotti. team By entering the field for a total of 54 matches, including all items over the past two seasons. But this season did not play even a minute.