PSG to cut Wijnaldum ‘s fee if Wolves buy

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Roma and Paris Saint-Germain Prepare to adjust the loan contract of Jorginho Wijnaldum. As the player takes time to recover from a shin injury made a mistake to play for Yellow-red wolf for months

Calcio Mercato media macaroni Serie A side Roma are reportedly in talks with Paris Saint-Germain. The giants from the French League. About changing the loan contract of Jorginho Wijnaldum. The Dutch midfielder. After the player has an injury, the right shin bone is broken and it takes a long time to recover.

PSG to cut Wijnaldum's fee if Wolves buy

The 31-year-old midfielder wanted a chance to play and decided to move from PSG. To play on loan at PSG. Red and yellow wolves for  1 season, with the option to buy after the 2022-2023 season with a price of 10 million euros, or about 365 million baht. If the team of Rome can finish in the top four, achieve this condition It will be effective immediately.

However, he played just 12 minutes as a substitute in the macaroni’s opening game of the season in a 1-0 win over Salernitana, then unfortunately suffered a shin injury in training. As a result , Giallorossi will not be eligible to play until 2023, so it is likely that the contracts of both parties will be modified.

Calcio Mercato reported that the team of the French capital. Do not consider extending the loan with Roma, although Wijnaldum will miss the field for several months. but will be willing to reduce the price a lot From the original price of 10 million euros if the outright purchase is in effect in the following season. Because the players are not in the UFABET team plans already.

Meanwhile, PSG did not lose money to buy from Liverpool because the player moved on as a free agent. After his contract with the Anfield team expires in mid-2021, the current season’s wages are only half paid. The other half is a team. Rome Wolf Responsible for paying as borrowed for use.