Chelsea 2-0 Spurs: Collected after the remaining Premier League games, the Blues crushed the Roosters 2-0

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• Two goals in each half led Chelsea to defeat Spurs 2-0

• This year they won both home and away. Plus, statistics also accuse Chelsea of ​​suppressing this fellow Londoner.

• And here are many things. Things that can be seen from the ยูฟ่าเบท game at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea 2-0 Spurs: Collected after the remaining Premier League games, the Blues crushed the Roosters 2-0

Program: Football Premier League 2023/24
Match date: Thursday 2 May 2024
Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Result: Chelsea 2-0 Spurs

Singha leashes chicken

See each other often in the last several seasons. Especially two seasons ago. Organized 4 rounds in one season, League 2, Cup 2.

The point is, even without this game, Chelsea ate their chicken with gusto and gusto…in polite language, sir.

  • 2019/20 : Chelsea won back-to-back
    2020/21 : Draw 2 / Chelsea won 1
    2021/22 : Chelsea won 4 games in a row, scored 8, conceded 0 (Premier League 2, League Cup 2)
    2022/23 : Draw 1 / Spurs win 1
    2023/24 : First match, Chelsea won 4-1, Nicholas Jackson hat trick.

Singha and Rooster… The last 12 games before today

Chelsea won 8, drew 3 and Spurs were the only ones to win in one match.

The turning point is ‘quickly’.

One is that Chelsea is already suppressed in terms of meeting statistics.

The second is that in this game, Chelsea penetrated Spurs’ net quickly and appropriately.

Can be incredibly missed early in the game With Nicholas Jackson ‘s break through , he looked to save Gujelmo Vicario and Mickey Van Der Ven’s kick was blocked and hit Cole Palmer’s leg , which bounced over the crossbar from close range. 4- 5 yards

But after reaching the 24th minute, the score moved up 1-0. Conor Gallagher threw a free kick into Trevoh Chalobah ‘s head and sunk it into the net.

It was the 24-year-old centre-back’s first goal in more than two years, following his 3-1 win over Norwich City on March 10, 2022.

Moreover, the third and most important turning point is that this was a day when Chelsea were very good and Spurs were very bad at the same time.

This game Jackson likes

The last match (6 Nov. 2023) was some direct shots, some not. Some are loud and some are distant.

Nicholas Jackson is still poised to score a hat-trick — his first hat-trick since joining from Villarreal and the first Chelsea player to do so this season. 3 You can get pellets in one game.

Today, as you can see, a golden opportunity was missed from the beginning. Which doesn’t help at all in terms of confidence. When it was still a “soft gun” period for the 22-year-old striker that was cursed by some Chelsea fans (from the defeat to Manchester City)

Before this game and does not include national team games

Jackson has scored just one goal in his last eight games, which was in the 6-0 win over Everton.

From ESPN’s statistics collection, it was found that in those 8 games (Premier League 6, FA Cup 2), Jackson had a total of 17 chances to finish in the 8th frame, exchanging only 1 goal.

However, until the 72nd minute of this game, the moment when Cole Palmer hit the free kick and hit the crossbar and bounced high on the ground, it was completed by Jackson, who headed in again without the Spurs defense being able to follow and close.

Two matches against the Golden Spurs, Jackson scored 4 goals.

And this was the 14th goal of 40 appearances in the first year of moving to Stamford Bridge.

14 goals and there may be more in the last 4 games.

£32 million paid Is it worth it or not???

Palmer’s worst moments

Although the overall form is not bad Still dangerous Able to create opportunities himself and the 2-0 goal that came, part of the credit must belong to him.

But the fact is that Cole Palmer has had neither a score nor an assist for 3 consecutive matches — losing to Manchester City 0-1, drawing with Aston Villa 2-2 and today’s game.

Surprisingly, these small collapses followed a game in which Palmer scored four goals alone against Everton in a 6-0 victory in the middle of last month.

But let’s face it, even if we don’t do anything more until the end of the season (4 matches remaining), this season is already “excellent” for the 21-year-old.

41 matches, 23 goals, 13 assists

PFA Young Player of the Year Award. If you don’t get it, close the website!


Here at Stamford Bridge

  • This is Chelsea away from home (last 6 games),
    tied with Manchester City 1-1,
    tied with Brentford 2-2,
    tied with Sheffield United 2-2,
    lost to Manchester City 0-1 (FA Cup )
    lost to Arsenal 0-5,
    tied with Aston Villa 2-2
  • As for this, Chelsea at home (last 7 games)
    won Leeds United 3-2 (FA Cup),
    won Newcastle 3-2,
    won Leicester City 4-2 (FA Cup). P)
    Draw Burnley 2-2,
    win Manchester United 4-3,
    win Everton 6-0,
    win Spurs 2-0.