Arsenal 3-0 Bournemouth: Issues after the game: “The Gunners” keep firing in pursuit of the goal of chasing the league championship.

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• Arsenal won their 26th game in the Premier League this season.
• David Raya has definitely won the Golden Glove this season and has 15 clean sheets.

Arsenal put the pressure on Manchester City once again after playing their first game of the weekend and made no mistake with a 2-0 victory over Bournemouth, moving to 4 points clear with still remaining. The last two games for the Gunners.

Arsenal 3-0 Bournemouth: Issues after the game: "The Gunners" keep firing in pursuit of the goal of chasing the league championship.

Haste – patience and sharpness

Arsenal play ahead of Manchester City in this round, which certainly means there’s an opportunity to put more pressure on Manchester City, who will be playing in the final game of the night. They were clear on their goals by attacking from the first seconds of the game. They tied the game, got a second chance. And created a lot of opportunities. A record of 16: 1 in goal creation in the first 45 minutes indicates the fierceness of the home team. But what didn’t happen was the amount that flowed in like it should have. Must give credit The visiting team’s defense, especially goalkeeper Mark Travers, made excellent saves.

The penalty that led to the first goal It was an important turning point in the first half. And made the situation in the second half of the home team easier to play, but still not enough to trust.

Second half Arsenal Play fun games with cheers. and commitment to goals They are superior Press the visiting team until it’s full. But if the second goal doesn’t come They tried to speed up the ทางเข้า ufabet game. In those accelerations, details are also missing. Everything is complete except for the door that needs to be added.

Bournemouth played patiently. There aren’t many chances but the defense isn’t bad. They continued to stay in the game. Plus, more and more opportunities will be created. However, in the end, in the final “back and forth” moment, Bournemouth’s mistake came first and became the second goal of the game, making the job more difficult for the visiting team.

This game is decided by the sharpness of both sides. Especially with the visiting team today, even though they had more chances to counter in the final 45 minutes, it must be admitted that Arsenal had a better chance to show off. and received a show of hands in the end

Kai Havetz is awesome with “False 9.”

Not counting the matter of calling a penalty for the team, Havetz played outstandingly in this game in terms of resting the ball in the upper area and linking the game with a short ball that made a slight touch to move the game forward. You can continue. While the defense came down to help many times. It was a good game for him to do this job. What continues to be a problem is the easy loss of yellow cards. And the matter of speed is not much. Which is what makes him not very complete. However, he is a key figure for the Gunners this season. The second goal of this game came from helping the defense. and the ball continued until the final score.

Declan Rice’s £105m worth and Patey’s return

Arsenal’s third goal of the game reinforced Arsenal’s excellent signing, turning a £105m ‘risk’ on day one into a cheap risk. As the England midfielder becomes an important part of the team, he shines even more as a Box to Box, able to move forward and defend without exhaustion. and outstanding in both defensive and offensive games Credit must be given to Thomas Patey in his role as a defensive midfielder who sweeps in front of the defenders. And took on the role of connecting the game from back to middle so that Rice could push up to play the offensive game fully. In a game where the game was continued like this, Rice was even more outstanding.

The fact that Arsenal have defensive midfielders like Patey and Jorginho in the team is one of their strengths. No less than the rest of them this season.

Accumulating more points than last year for both teams.

Arsenal need one more point from their remaining two games. will equal last season’s scoring record when they finished as runners-up. But if more than that will immediately become a new record in the era of Mikel Arteta, of course, with the current situation, they are looking at the full 6 points that will send them to being the challengers. Until the last day of the season As for the away team, the arrival of Andoni Areola, the Spanish boss. They have already set a new record, with 48 points from 36 games. This is their most points since their first promotion to the top flight in 2015. Eddie Howe’s first year as the Spanish coach as well. Both their score stats and the fact that they will have two final games will increase the stats even more.