Top 10 Poker Players who got rich from playing tournaments

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If You Were To Say Who Is The Best Poker Player In The World? May Sit And Think Until The Temples Hurt. Sit And Move Over There. Move To This Position. Hermit Bodya. Come To Hanuman To Stump. Isn’t It?

I Guess It’s Hard To Decide. Because There Is Someone Against Whomever Loses The Way Take Turns Losing And Winning Well, Poker Cards Have Mixed Luck.

But Don’t. If We Compare With The Amount Of Prize Money Won From Poker Tournament Wins. It Can Be Measured Easily And Clearly.

Let’s Take A Look At The Top 10 Poker Players With The Most UFABET Money From Tournaments.

Top 10 Poker Players who got rich from playing tournaments

10. Daniel Colman (US) $29m

Why Is The Name Similar To Someone? And Not Just Similar Also Defeated That Person.

Most Of This Money Came From Defeating Daniel Negreanu (2014) In “$1 Million Big One For One Drop”.

Which Won 1st Place And Received A Prize Pool Of $15.3 Million (Second Largest In Poker History)

9. Jason Koon (US) $30m

When This Spy-Like Guy Is The Stand-In For Triton Poker, There’s A Lot Going On In 2019.

He Has Won 6+ Poker Or Shot Deck Tournaments And 2 High-Roller Tournaments Totaling Over $6.4m.

8. Stephen Chidwick (England) $31.1m

Began To Come Outside Of The American People (Which In The List There Are Many More) By Stephen Chidwick Is A Poker Card Racer. High Roller Tournament Which Many People Consider “This Is The Best Tour Operator In The World.”

The Young Englishman Topped The List Of Players And Won His First Bracelet In The 2019 WSOP.

Just Take Online Poker And Throw $5m, Not Including Live Games.

7. Fedor Holz (Germany) $32.6m

25 Years With A Degree That Is Known As One Of The Coolest Poker Players In History.

In 2016-2017 He Took Home $21m, And In The 2018 WSOP “$1 Million Big One For One Drop”, He Won 2nd Behind Justin Bonomo’s $6m.

6. David Peters (US) $33.1m

The Man Who Saw It Immediately Knew That He Had Come To Compete In A High-Roller Race. It Is Also A Large Piece Of Neck. In Every Tournament

David, The Poker Player Who Has Climbed The Top-Earning List In Recent Years. The First Prize Money He Received In 2007 And Was A Power Player Who Played More Than 5-6 Digits Buy-In (Sometimes Not A Single Buy)

In 2019, He Won Two More 7-Figure Prizes. And That Sent Him Into The Top 10 Highest Earning Poker Players.

5. Erik Seidel (US) $35.7m

The Only Uncle On The List At The Age Of Anaam, He Reached The Late No. 5 (58), Which, Despite His Old Age, Was Still A Shark. It Has Its Roots In New York City’s Mayfair Clu0b Collection, Such As Stu Unfair, Dan Harrington And Howard Lederer.

Our Uncle Is Really Seasoned, Won 8 WSOP Bracelets, Made It To The Last Table 35 Times And Won 92 Times.

Including Slashing His Throat With Johnny Chan In The 1988 WSOP Main Program (Uncle 2nd Place)

Uncle’s Biggest Win Came In 2011 At The $250,000 Super High Roller NLHE “Aussie Millions Poker Championship” 2011 With Nearly $2.5m In Prize Money.

And In 2010, His Name Was Inscribed In The “Poker Hall Of Fame”.

4. Dan Smith (US) $36.7m

He’s Not A Celebrity Relative. Of Course, He Himself Was Not Very Famous. He Seems To Be The Man Who Is Slowly Making His Way To This Top 10 List.

2012 Was A Turning Point For Life To Have A Name. He Won The ‘Aussie Millions Poker Championship $100,000 NLHE’ And Raked In $1.04m.

And That Same Year At EPT8 At Monte Carlo, He Took The Lead By Winning Three NLHE Titles In Just Four Days.

2016’S “WSOP $111,111 For One Drop” Didn’t Even Reach 1st Place, But 2nd Place Earned Him $3,078,974.

New To The Chase, Most Recently, In 2018, He Took 3rd Place On “WSOP Big One For One Drop”, Collected $4m In Prize Money And Got Something Bigger When He Finished 3rd On Triton Million, Winning $8,765,628. Call It This Year’s Top. Throw It All The Way Up To $12m.

3. Daniel Negreanu (Canada) $41.8m

Of Course, This Name Would Be Familiar To Everyone’s Eyes. With A Special Skill “Reading Cards Of The Gods” And Have Lied To A Lie Detector Before. So It’s Not Surprising To Find Him Here.

We Probably Wouldn’t Be Surprised To Learn That He Was Number One On The List Until The 2018 WSOP. The Degree Of Age Is Not Light. Because He Got 6 WSOP Bracelets, 38 Times Entering The Last Table, Got 108….

And Has A Laugh, 11th To 2 Times In The WSOP Main Event (2001 And 2015, Well Before Your Very Eyes).

His Name Was Inscribed In The Poker Hall Of Fame In 2014, And It’s One That Poker Folks Admit, “This Is Another No. 1 In The Industry” (Oh, What About Doug Polk?).

2. Justin Bonomo (US) $45m

This Young Singer Hey, That’s Justin Beaver. His Name May Have Caught On A Moment Ago, Because He’s The 1st Place Winner Of The 2018 WSOP $1million Big One Direction One Drop And The Prize Money This Time Is Send Him To Be In The Top 10 (Actually, That Year He Was At Number 1, It’s $10m In Prize Money)

Bonomo Looks Like An Occult, Having A Golden Year In 2018 Where He Won Every Tournament Wherever He Went.

The 32-Year-Old Man With 3 Bracelets Won 10 High-Roller Events That Year. (It’s Called Older Brother Running To Pick Up Money All Over The World)

The Winner Was The “May Aria Super High Roller Bowl $300,000 NLHE” Winning $5m.

And The “Macau Super High Roller Bowl $HK 3m NLHE” Won Another $4.8m ($HK 37.8m).

And The Trend Continues To Be Strong, Unceasingly.

1. Bryn Kenney (US) $55.5m

Running Kood Good In 2019 Resulted In Kicking The Ass To Sit On The 1st Podium With The Largest Sum Of Money That Life Could Ever Earn. In August, “Triton Million” Won Third Place, $20,563,324 Oh My God.

But Back In The Day, His First Live Tournament Took Place In 2007, And Gradually Expanded, Grew Into A Big Start In 2014, The WSOP Bracelet Belonged To Him From The “$1,500 10-Game Mix 6-Handed” Show.

And Lined Up For The WSOP Final Table 7 Times, Winning 32 Times, Including 28th Place In The Main Event In 2010.

Until Almost $2m Big Again In April 2017 At The “Pokerstars Championship €100,000 NLHE Super High Roller 8-Max” In Barcelona. And After He Also Won 1st Place In 5 Many Other Events Around The World.