Alonso opens up after Anfield return + Flo reveals why Klopp celebrates goal

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Xabi Alonso, former Liverpool midfielder the owner of the nickname The heavyweight man has opened up about returning to the pitch before the Kop at Anfield in the legendary player’s bloody red game last night.

Xabi Alonso has opened up about the experience he felt playing for ‘ Liverpool Legends ‘ with Manchester United . Charity under the UFABET name Legends of the North (Legends of the North) second match last night (Saturday 24 September 2022) with the first match in May, the Reds’ big break to beat Old Trafford came in 3-1. 

Alonso opens up after Anfield return + Flo reveals why Klopp celebrates goal

 And the game ended with Liverpool winning 2-1 thanks to goals from Marc Gonzalez and Florent Sinama-Pongolle. And Alonso has made an impressive return to Anfield this time around. The 40-year-old, who retired from football in 2017, played the full 90 minutes and has been impressed with his return to Merseyside. He also opened up about the feeling of returning to wear the shirt for the club he has played for 210 times.

   “I really like it,” Alonso told . “I really like it after not playing games like this for a while. You know you still have feelings. you have it inside and whenever you have the opportunity It will wake you up.” “I really liked it and it was worth playing, great atmosphere, best stadium in the world, great day.” “[Anfield] is different, you have a beautiful stadium. All over the world, lots of great atmospheres, lots of Champions League nights but this is Anfield, the spirit, the stands, the lights, it’s different and it’s pure football. That’s why we love it as a player, as a fan, as everyone that comes.”

When asked about his ability to pass the ball across the pitch and determine the game Alonso added, “That hasn’t changed. Many things change, people change, strength changes. But when you have that kind of understanding after years of playing. It remains.” “As long as I can have fun and I can play here. I would love to come back.”

 The second goal scorer, Sinama-Pongal. He admits that he often dreams of returning to Anfield and scoring goals. with a feeling of confidence that he would make his dreams come true when playing for ‘Liverpool legend’ yesterday The former France international came off the bench to score the winner in front of the Kop, with Sinama-Pongolle joining the Reds in 2003 under Gerard Houllier. With nine goals in 65 appearances for the club, his most memorable shot came off the bench to score at Olympiakos in the Champions League to help the Reds. won 3-1 and Sinama-Pongol It was delighted to be able to relive those memories by scoring his first goal for the club’s legendary team.

    “I’m happy. It always has something special to come back for. My daughter was born in Liverpool. So I’m always quite lucky to be here,” he told reporters. “I’m also working in TV and media with a French TV channel,” “Every time I come to work, I think, ‘Hopefully someday I’ll be on that pitch again.’ Why score goals and get people there? Can’t it be happiness?” “Today it happened. So it’s a very special moment, it’s crazy when I’m on this pitch. I knew I had to seize the opportunity. I just have to make sure to send the kids in. That’s what happened.”

   After scoring in front of the Kop Sinama-Pongol also celebrated the goal by running to the fans and celebrate the goal by Jürgen Klopp’s trademark ‘raising fist’ is a trademark and makes the occasion even more special for the former Frenchman. “Scoring in front of the Kop and celebrating Jürgen’s moves. It makes everything even more special,” he said. “People come because they love football. and because of passion.” “It’s happiness because that’s what we feel on the pitch. We don’t feel any different for the fans. sitting and standing there.”