Man U turbulent? Ronaldo injured in blood during national service

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Manchester United’s five-ballon d’Or superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Suffered a bloody injury during the UEFA Nations League match between Portugal and the Czech Republic. last night

Cristiano Ronaldo has suffered a bloody bruise on his face and dizzy after a violent clash during Portugal ‘s UEFA Nations League match against the Czech RepublicLast night. The Manchester United striker spent the past few weeks on the bench at Old Trafford. After missing the tour club re-season Lead his country in this important match.

Man U turbulent? Ronaldo injured in blood during national service

But it appears that when entering the field in this game. Referred to have been injured until bleeding rubber after a heavy collision with goalkeeper Tomas Vazlick of the Czech Republic. The pair collided as Ronaldo attempted to fire a cross in the box late in the second half of the match . The Ballon d’Or five fell to the ground and required relatively little medical attention. Long Ronaldo was given a concussion test. Portugal’s medical team wound up his ruptured nose. They then led the legendary striker to wash off any remaining blood on the sidelines. Because players are not allowed to play in bloody clothes. But in the end can continue playing until the end of the game.

 Portugal led 3-0 as Ronaldo was injured. Two goals from Manchester United team-mates Diogo Dalot netted two while the other came from Bruno Fernandes for Fernando Santo’s side. Diogo Jota added a fourth goal for Portugal in the 82nd minute. To help the Foi Thongs to an overwhelming victory. Looking at another match, Spain’s shock defeat to Switzerland was enough to keep Portugal top of League A Group 2.

          Ronaldo failed to score more goals for the national team having scored 117. After the game the Portugal national team coach said: “The first half was brilliant. Excellent quality.” “We are perfect for them. And don’t let them show much.” “When we score the second goal. Cech also failed in the penalty shootout and was more nervous than ever. As we become more focused and relaxed.” 

  The Manchester United forward has been a key player in Portugal’s hopes of a World Cup in Qatar later this year, and last night’s UEFA Nations League game was a key part of their preparations for the UFABET club. them in this tournament which if later found His nose was cracked. That could potentially give Ronaldo the opportunity to miss the important game against Spain on Tuesday.