Keane pushed his former team-mates off the pitch as soon as they landed in the legendary Reds game

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Manchester United legend Roy Keane pushed a former Red Devils team-mate as soon. As he was substituted in a charity match against Liverpool Legends last night.

Roy Keane wore a Manchester United shirt for the first time in 17 years. As he played at Anfield for the Red Devils legends team in a charity football match under. The name Legends of the North (Legends of the North) second match last night

 The former Irishman plays for Manchester United. United last time in 2005 before moving out. He then joined the Celtic team. But it was necessary to hang up the studs six months later on the advice of a doctor. Since then Keane has also gone on to become. A UFABET game analyst and has criticized many of the current Red Devils players in recent years.

Keane pushed his former team-mates off the pitch as soon as they landed in the legendary Reds game

However , Keane revealed earlier this summer that United had repeatedly tried to persuade him to come on for the legendary player’s game. The club has participated in in recent years. And those efforts finally paid off. When he landed at Anfield in the final 15 minutes of the game that ended in Liverpool’s 2-1 victory. It is not surprising that Keane was not welcomed very well by the supporters. In the stadium who booed as soon as he came on in the 76th minute. When the score was still 1-1 and unfortunately for Keane and Manchester United because His appearances failed to inspire them to win.

Keane also turned down the chance to wear the captain’s armband as the 51-year-old came off the bench to replace Darron Gibson and then -Manchester fan favorite Ronnie Johnsen . United, another member of Manchester United’s treble-winning team in 1999, was still captain, but he went to Keane to give him the armband when he was sent off come.

 But Keane, who clearly believes he is no longer the main character after hanging up his boots. dissatisfied with this attitude of Johnsen. and pushed this centre-back away before telling him clearly and powerfully that he didn’t have to hand it over. The incident was what stood out most from his brief appearance on the pitch. ‘The best ever’ The Irishman has opened up about battling old injuries. since hanging studs It was recently revealed that he was unable to attend charity football matches. that has been similar over the years.

 I’m not fit, I’m far from being fit. My fitness level really So embarrassing,” he told Off The Ball last summer. Just because I’m not overweight doesn’t mean I’m fit. I really can’t run. So, I’ve been invited many times over the past few years to play a legendary game or whatever you want to call it.” unable to move around freely I have too many injuries.”