7 tricks to catch behavior on the poker table that newbies don’t know!

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1. Support Behavior 

When You Are About To Race And Your Opponent Takes Chips To Count To Call You Can Immediately Know That He Doesn’t Have Enough Strength To Release.

7 tricks to catch behavior on the poker table that newbies don't know!

2. Hesitate And Stop While Betting. 

When You Are Betting Hesitation And Pauses Are Possible To Have More Stronghands. Because In General, People Who Will Bluff Will Do It Honestly And Without Hesitation.

3. Check The Card You Hold Twice.

A Player Who Checks The Card He Holds Multiple Times. It Indicates That He Has Weak Hands. Because Players With Strong Hands Such As Sets, 2 Pairs Will Sit Still So As Not To Be The Focus Of The People On The Table.

4.Quick Call

This Behavior Indicates That You Have Weak Hands. Or Medium, Such As Having A Middle Pair, Straight Draw, Flush Draw, For Players With A Strong Hand Who Thinks And Performs Re-Rest To Make The Value Pot Bigger

5. Say Holding A Soft Hand

When Someone Makes Bets And Talks, Don’t Be Afraid, I Just Draw. This Behavior Will Tell, He Has Weak Hands Like Middle Pear And Various Draws In Order To Confuse His Opponent. Because Players With Strong Hands Are Still Comfortable. And Having Fun With His UFABET Hands

6. Spoken Nerves

When A Player Bets And Spoke To The Opponent Who Was Thinking Like I Think You Have To Crouch Anyway. This Behavior Indicates That He Has Strong Hands. Because He Provoked The Opponent To Call To See

7. Make Bets And Keep Quiet.

This Behavior Indicates That He Is Bluffing. Because I Don’t Want To Say Anything Or Showing Something To The Opponent To Suspect And Find Fault So He Stayed Quiet To Reveal As Little As Possible.