The legend of the ‘Swan’ reiterated the ‘Red Devils’ 2-1, red boiling for charity

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Liverpool legend opened Anfield to win 2-1 at Manchester United Legends to win the second match. After hitting Old Trafford 3-1 in May K. Charity football match

The second leg of the charity football match under the name Legends of the North took place on Saturday at Anfield. Where Liverpool legends meet Manchester United legends. With the first match in May the big Reds went on to beat Old Trafford 3-1.

The legend of the 'Swan' reiterated the 'Red Devils' 2-1, red boiling for charity

Start the game as a legend , red ghost, the visitor is the one who dominates the game first. And they came up with a goal from Michael Carrick throwing the ball from the right side. Into the penalty area on the left for Danny Pugh set the ball to Dimitar Berbatov half volley with the right foot into a beautiful right at the Jerzy Dudek. The local outpost. will protect 

Then Red Machine attacked hard. Especially Xabi Alonso was the captain of the team, tried to pass the ball from long distances to his teammates to score goals but was not sharp enough. including free kick shots But still unable to score the equalizer. End of the first half, the legend of United led the legend of Liverpool 1-0. 

into the second half has changed multi player And as the home team scored the equalizer in the 47th minute , Robbie Keane got the UFABET ball in the right penalty area. Before turning the ball into the middle for Mark Gonzalez smashed into it beautifully. Calling for cheers from the Kop who came to watch this game.