Samurai keep going! Japan beats Bahrain 3-1, advancing to Iran in the 8-team Asian Cup.

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Japan can continue as expected in the AFC Asian Cup 2023 in Qatar after easily defeating Bahrain 3-1 and advancing to face Iran in the quarter-finals.

Samurai keep going! Japan beats Bahrain 3-1, advancing to Iran in the 8-team Asian Cup.

Wataru Endo is not yet ready to return to Liverpool as Japan continues as expected in the 2023 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar after easily defeating Bahrain 3-1 and advancing to face Iran in the ufabet round of 8. last

On the final day of the round of 16 of the Asia Championship, Japan, who qualified as runners-up in their own group, took on Bahrain, with coach Hajime Moriyasu bringing in a crowd of famous stars. Including Wataru Endo, Ta. Kefusa Kubo, Risu Doan, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Ko Itakura and goalkeeper Zion Suzuki.

It didn’t take long for Japan to take the lead 1-0, as expected, from Risu Doan’s closing score in the 31st minute, then in the second half, 49 minutes, Samurai Blue made it 2-0 from Takefusa Kubo.

Although in the 64th minute Zion Suzuki made a mistake and the ball hit Ayase Ueda’s own goal, the goal was 1-2 for Bahrain, but at the 72nd minute Ayase Ueda also made an excuse. The kill sealed the score in favor of Japan at 3-1.

The next match saw Iran clash with Syria. Which lasted for a long time, ending 90 minutes tied 1-1. Iran took the lead from a penalty from Mehdi Taremi in the 34th minute, and Syria equalized from a penalty from Omar. Kerbin 64

The game dragged to a decisive penalty shootout. Lran being the first to shoot and all of their shots went in, while Syria missed 1 person. So the game ended with Iran winning 5-3.

The quarter-finals, Iran vs. Japan, will take place on Sunday, February 3, and the winner will enter the semi-finals with the winner of the Qatar vs. Uzbekistan match.

  • Summary of the Asian Cup quarter-final program
    02/02 : Game 45 : Tajikistan v Jordan
    02/02 : Game 46 : Australia v South Korea
    03/02 : Game 47 : Iran v Japan
    03/02 : Game 48 : Qatar v Uzbekistan
  • Asian Cup Playoffs Schedule
    06/02 Game Winner 45 v Game Winner 46
    07/02 Game Winner 47 v Game Winner 48