Grading Manchester City’s players in the home match, beating Burnley 3-1 in the Premier League. Last night: Player Ratings

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  • Manchester City grabbed 3 important points to help them rise to 2nd in the table.
  • Julian Alvarez scored 2 goals alone to celebrate his 24th birthday.
  • Rodri also scored a goal. This is his 6th goal of the season.
Grading Manchester City's players in the home match, beating Burnley 3-1 in the Premier League. Last night: Player Ratings

Manchester City won on target and are on the path to defending the Premier League championship , causing Pep Guardiola’s team to continue chasing Liverpool, still remaining with the same 5 points.

Julian Alvarez scored two goals to celebrate his 24th birthday and Rodri scored his sixth goal of the season.

Guardiola also received good news when Erling Haaland recovered from his injury and returned to the field as a substitute for the first time in several weeks.

Manchester City player ratings

Ederson – 6/10

Back in shape and ready to take on the pole again. But in this game there is hardly any work to be done. As for goals conceded at the end of the game, they are also disqualified.

Rico Lewis – 7/10

Received the opportunity to start in place of Walker, who probably still wasn’t focused enough from the drama off the field, and Lewis did an impressive job. Especially in adding to the game.

John Stones – 6/10

Starting for the first time since being injured in the game against Everton, he did his job well. Most of them defend rather than attacking.

Nathan Ake – 6/10

There are no visible errors. Keep the opponent’s attack line under control. It’s a shame they couldn’t keep a clean sheet.

Yosco Guardiol – 6/10

Did quite well when tackling Lille Forster and almost scored. But was fed through stubbornly, leading to a goal that broke the egg at the end of the game.

Rodri – 7/10

Controlling the game in midfield was excellent as usual. May not add much to the game. But when the time comes, he can also score goals. And it’s my own 6th child this season.

Matheus Nunes – 6/10

Surprised when he started playing in the league in over a month. and was the assister for the lead goal as well. Fortunately, Burnley let him have a lot on the ball as well.

Phil Foden – 8/10

Excellent coordination between the midfield and offensive line. There may be little involvement when stretched to the edge. But he was the one who assisted Rodri in scoring the third goal.

Kevin De Bruyne – 7/10

May not be in the best form Because the pain didn’t last long. But still named as the person who assisted Alvarez to score the second goal of the game.

Jeremy Doku – 7/10

Outstanding when dribbling the ball and defeating the opponent. But the final decision still needs to be revised.

Julian Alvarez – 8/10

Two goals in this game was a nice way to celebrate his 24th birthday. Showing great movement, composure and finishing.


Erling Haaland (replacing De Bruyne, 71′)  –  5/10  –  Returning to the field again after 7 weeks, may have shooting and passing opportunities that are not good enough.

Jack Grealish (replacing Foden, 77′)  –  5/10  –  Almost made Haaland score in his comeback match.

Mateo Kovacic (replaces Rodri, 87′)  –  N/A  – 

Sergio Gomez (replaces Alvarez, 87′)  –  N/A  –