‘Ten Hag’ accepts ‘Red Devils’, lacks sharpness to defeat ‘Chicken’

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Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag admits his team lacked a decisive finish. Despite having many opportunities in the first half Resulting in a disappointing 0-2 defeat to Spurs

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has revealed that his team have a big chance. especially in the first half but cannot send the ball into the bottom of the net Including should have received a penalty from the moment the ball hit Christian Romero’s hand , but the referee did not blow it, finally being shot by Tottenham Hotspur in the second half, winning 2-0 in the Premier League England second game on Saturday 19 August

'Ten Hag' accepts 'Red Devils', lacks sharpness to defeat 'Chicken'

From the statistics that occurred in the first half at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Red Devils team had 14 shots, but only 3 times in the frame, while the Golden Spur chicken hit the frame 3 times. Likewise, out of 7 opportunities, but still can’t do anything In the second half, the hosts scored two goals from Pap Sarr in the 49th minute and Lisandro Martinez’s own goal in the 83rd minute for United ‘s first defeat of the season.

“You frown, you didn’t like the first half? I like the first half This was a very good performance from Manchester United in the first half, except we only had to score goals. Said after the game to reporters ′′ We created good chances. We press very well. We let them run We had many good chances to score goals. And we deserved the penalty, I don’t know why it wasn’t. penalty for sure He changed the direction of the ball and his hand was raised high. But you have to accept it. 

Meanwhile, the Red Devils head coach also came out to defend new midfielder Mason Mount, who moved from Chelsea after many said he had not performed as expected, saying Mount played as planned. hold by standing as a low midfield and plays an important role in controlling the midfield game Especially in the first half that the โปรโมชั่น ufabet team had possession of the ball and opened the game to attack more than the home team. This player also performs well.

However, Manchester United still have to wait for the field of Danish national team striker Rasmus Hoilund. To grab from Atalanta , but can not help the team. due to a back injury There is no set start time for the new agency. The next league game opens at Old Trafford with a visit to Nottingham Forest on Saturday