Arteta is pleased with the “new players”‘ outstanding performance, keeping Arsenal on the path to winning the championship.

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• Arsenal have accumulated 83 points, only 1 point less than they did throughout last season.

• The Gunners have kept a clean sheet for the 17th game in the Premier League this season.

Arteta is pleased with the "new players"' outstanding performance, keeping Arsenal on the path to winning the championship.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta said after the home game they beat Bournemouth 3-0, leading the team to stay top of the table for another week. Ready to admit that Bournemouth is a competitor that causes quite a few problems in this game.

Arsenal’s three goals from penalties from Bukayo Saka, Leandro Trotsar and Declan Rice put them four points clear of Manchester City and two more games to play.

“I never thought this game would be an easy game. We started the ทางเข้า ufabet game well, perhaps the best first half we’ve played all season. I think it’s incredible. We played a great game. Completely controlled the ball. Played strong and created many chances. We could have scored 3-4-5 goals but it didn’t happen. We only scored one goal. But we have to give credit to Bournemouth as well, they made some changes to their game. and create problems for us Games are more open than ever before. Which we don’t want to happen. But in the end, we were able to solve problems on site appropriately and correctly. We did well in the area in front of our competitors’ doors. And of course we can score more. Along with keeping another clean sheet in the game.”

Arteta also praised the new signings this season. And they all produced excellent results, including David Raya, Kai Havetz, and Declan Rice, a midfielder valued at 105 million pounds.

“I think the performance of the new players has had a huge impact. It’s what we’ve always been looking for. If we invest in buying players, we have to think about making the team better than before. and use it wisely Of course we are very happy with the players we have brought into the team. They make a very big positive impact on the team. In today’s game they put on a great performance. And if we want to stay where we are We need players like this,” Arteta said.Arsenal have two final games left this season, with Manchester United (away) and Everton